Develop your leadership, APPLY NOW for the Honors Mentor Program

Forget what you THINK you know about leadership. The Honors Mentor Program is redefining the term, challenging students to think beyond “managers” and “directives” when looking at team-building. This competitive, credit-bearing leadership development opportunity allows students to experiment with mentorship strategies, provide a meaningful service to first-year students, and to have profound influence on the Honors College community. In the process, they will enhance their self-development, critical thinking and leadership skills.

Jackie Malayter, Mentor Council President

“I thought leadership was something you either ‘had’ or didn’t, and I wasn’t sure if I was ‘qualified’, so to say,” explained Jackie Malayter, Mentor Council President. “This program proved me wrong.”

As mentors, students serve as liaisons between first-year Honors College students and faculty members. They ease the high school to college transition, helping new students develop the skills they will need to succeed as an honors student, as well as promoting community bonds. Malayter says she not only grew more confident in her abilities because of the program, but also learned how to recognize and tap into the strengths of others.

“Leadership is about service and empowerment,” she said.  “You can make a prodigious impact on a first-year student’s college and leadership trajectory, which is one of the most special parts of this program. Along the way, you will gain tools that will help you become an effective leader in the first-year class. These skills will follow you into any future leadership endeavors you pursue.”

A recent assessment of the Mentor Program, shows 90 percent of participating students reported growth in core leadership competencies including: self-understanding, helping others & collaboration, listening & observing , organizational behavior and teamwork, and continuous learning. In fact, this program allows students to chart their own trajectory. Mentors are encouraged to identify the leadership techniques that interest them most.

The Mentor Program is accepting applications until the end of Friday, Jan. 25.

  • CLICK HERE to learn more about the program and mentoring roles.
  • CLICK HERE for the application link.

“Keep in mind that we are looking for mentors who believe strongly in and are committed to our mission and values,” Malayter said. “Luckily, our website contains all of that information.”

Application tips:

  • Talk about your strengths and leadership competencies, and how you might like to grow in them. 
  • Discuss your overall HONR 19901 experience and why you are so excited about what our program does. 
  • Touch on a specific moment you might have had in HONR 19901 and why that inspired you to apply. 
  • Remember you can talk to your past mentor or talk to other mentors as you prepare your application.