Honors Houses

The Purdue Honors College is organized by a “House” structure. The Honors Houses are intellectual and social communities that enable our students and faculty to forge stronger connections with each other. The houses offer events, activities and camaraderie for all of our 2,200 students. In a nod to the Honors College icons of the forge and the torch, the houses are named after forgeable metals.

Throughout human history, the forge has been a site of skill, artistry and creativity, where metals are made into innovations. Worked and shaped by the hands of the artisan, metal is crafted into objects of use and beauty. Strong yet malleable, metal is conductive, durable and lustrous. Your mind is your material. You are the artisan. Become whatever you can imagine.
Ignite your imagination. Forge your future.

Titanium House: With the highest strength-to-density ratio of any metal, the lustrous titanium is strong but not dense.

  • Head Preceptor: Dr. Emily Allen

  • Faculty Honors Preceptors:
    • Dr. Megha Anwer, Dr. Frank Dooley , Dr. Jonathan Harbor , Dr. Christina Tran

    Resident Honors Preceptors
  • Alison Maslar-Donar, Bridget Curry, Mackenzie Hammer, Shane Bala, Andrew Jeng, Sedona Carey, Merle Mullet
  • Silver House Pure silver has the highest conductivity of electricity of any element. Plus, it’s also the best reflector of visible light, making it among the brightest of metals.

  • Head Preceptor: Dr. Diane Facinelli

  • Faculty Honors Preceptors:
    • Dr. Charlene Sullivan, Dr. Kris Bross, Dr. Tom Turpin, Dr. Marcos Fernandez

  • Resident Honors Preceptors:
    • Thomas Knowles, Morgan Schafer, Jessica Sullivan, Emma DeLong, Daiana Partiu
  • Copper House With a long history copper is the first metal used by humans. Its reddish color is unique and it has a high melting point of over 1,900 degrees F.

  • Head Preceptor: Dr. Dwaine Jengelley

  • Faculty Honors Preceptors:
    • Dr. Liz Brite, Dr. Heather Servaty-Seib, Dr. Ian Lindsay, Dr. Wendy Cline

  • Resident Honors Preceptors:
    • Adam Goodman, Andrew Cox, Prateek Malik, Hyesoo Chae, Liz Walker
  • Palladium House This silver-white, noble metal is named for the asteroid Pallas, which was itself named after the mythological giant slain by Pallas Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom.

  • Head Preceptor: Dr. Natasha Duncan

  • Faculty Honors Preceptors:
    • Dr. Peter Moore, Dr. Mark Ward, Dr. Joel Ebarb, Dr. Zarah Tehrani

  • Resident Honors Preceptors:
    • Ben Watson, Jackson Bennett, Brandon Franz, Lily Bishop, Savannah Moyer
  • Platinum House A rare metal, platinum is highly malleable and ductile. Its extraordinary resistance to corrosion makes it one of the noble metals.

  • Head Preceptor: Dr. Jason Ware

  • Faculty Honors Preceptors:
    • Dr. Adam Watkins
    • Dr. Alan Friedman
    • Dr. Maren Linett

  • Resident Honors Preceptors:
    • Connor Priddy
    • Joey Stoldt
    • Quinn Stillson
    • Emily Johncox
    • Nadia Duke