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Visiting Scholars: Briony Horgan

Thu, Oct 29
4:30 pm
- 5:30 pm

Every rock on Mars is a time capsule for Professor Briony Horgan, potentially holding information from billions of years ago that could help answer questions about life in the universe today. Horgan will soon delve into those questions by searching for evidence of past microbial life as part of the NASA Mars rover Perseverance mission. Perseverance is set to land in Jezero Crater, just north of the planet’s equator, this February. Horgan was part of the science team that identified the area as a good target.

Simple life forms such as microbes allow researchers to understand how rare or common life is in the universe. At this point, Earth is the only data to help scientists determine how and where life forms and evolves. Join Horgan in an interactive Q&A session, as we explore the exciting possibilities of this mission and its far-reaching implications.



Thu, Oct 29
4:30 pm - 5:30 pm


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