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Welcome to the Purdue Honors College

Dean Phillips

An honors-enhanced education is all about mind-expanding opportunities, innovation, and challenge and your time to partake is now with our high impact initiatives and programs aimed at igniting your imagination. You’ve chosen to explore new horizons in learning and transformative education as a member of Purdue’s Honors College. There will be many choices to make including enlightening study away trips, pursuing research, enjoying distinctive classroom experiences with adventurous interdisciplinary formats, and opportunities to learn from each other and our world-class faculty. Being part of Purdue’s only academic residential college is also about becoming a member of a community of scholars, learning together and exploring ways to connect to our campus, local area and to the world beyond with engaged service. We’re delighted that you’ve decided to embark on this journey, and together we will forge the future!

-Rhonda Phillips, Ph.D.
Dean, Honors College, Purdue University

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