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HONR 460: Technological Justice


Instructor HONR 399: Surveillance and Society
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HONR 460: Technological Justice

Spring Semester 2022

Instructor: Dr. Lindsay Weinberg

*Open to all students. Students with a GPA below 3.0 will need to contact to register*

In this course, students will study interdisciplinary approaches to technology ethics for responding to today’s pressing technological dilemmas in a range of contexts, from healthcare, mass incarceration, and airport security, to social media, smart cities, and space travel. Students will grapple with how historical and present-day inequalities, institutional environments, decision-making cultures, and regulatory systems impact the technological design process and distribution of technology’s risks and rewards in society. We will ask ourselves how relations of power inform the ways technologies are designed and experienced, as well as how power shapes dominant and insurgent approaches to achieving technological justice.