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CGT 390/CGT 572: "Critical Approaches to Interaction Design"


Instructor ILS 59500: GIS for Humanities and Social Science Research
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CGT 390/CGT 572: "Critical Approaches to Interaction Design"

Maymester 2022

Instructor: Dr. Rua M. Williams

*Open to all students. H credit possible.* 

In this studio course, students explore interaction development and critical design in parallel. Class sessions will include collaborative activities that support beginners in learning the necessary skills to build an interactive experience in the Unity game development environment. In-class and online discussions examine various dominant narratives of interactive media in relation to disability, race, nationality, and class. Students will learn how interactive media reinforces and propagates power relations that often lead to or support oppressive systems. Students will also explore resistant technosocial counter narratives arising from disabled and otherwise marginalized communities, and how they might support these narratives in their own work. For successful completion of this course, students will work in groups to craft an interactive experience that expresses cultural critique.